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with To-Block

Creation Idea Management is a company founded in 2015 by Italian entrepreneurs, focused on travellers needs and specialized in accessories, gadgets, luggage and comforts.
In 2016 the C.I.M. introduced To-Block: fix everything on the trolley, a product with the aim of providing an excellent service to the traveler.

The idea comes from the study about the difficulties the traveler finds in putting in the “right place” some traveling companions, like PCs, tablets, books, bags and jackets, while walking or boarding. Answer the phone, drink a coffee, run in a hurry to board, with To-Block becomes simple and easy.

The company, leader in Italy for the innovative nature of the product, attends in airports, railway stations, travel agencies and web stores. Creation Idea Management is always careful about the protection of the environment. To-Block is an Italian manufacturing product made with high quality materials in compliance with all the reference standards.

The C.I.M., to reach its goals, is associated with ATRI, Travel Retail Italia Association, which gathers the commercial activities intended for travellers in airports, motorways, ports and railway stations.

Video Spot
Il nostro spot pubblicitario.
"Saluti e baci da mamma e papà".
Sketch comedy prossimamente in onda.
"Saluti e baci da mamma e papà".
Sketch comedy prossimamente in onda.
I nostri Partner
The clients who have chosen the customized version of To-Block.
  • Dufry (Aeroporto di Napoli)
  • Hudson News (Stazione di Napoli Centrale bin. 22)
  • Daco Travel (Somma Vesuviana - NA)
  • Safebag (Aeroporto L. Da Vinci di Roma)
  • Viaggi Carmen Aprilia (LT)
  • Dufry (Aeroporto Milano Malpensa)
  • Hudson News (Aeroporto Milano Malpensa)
  • Dufry (Aeroporto di Milano Linate)
  • Hudson News (Stazione di Milano Centrale)
  • Hudson News (Aeroporto Galileo Galilei di Pisa)
  • Safebag (Aeroporto di Lisbona)
  • Safebag (Aeroporto di Zurigo)
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